We Bought a Deer

You may have wondered why there is so much venison in my diet. This past winter we had the opportunity to buy a deer and we took it! My fiance’s boss is a big hunter and was willing to let us buy the deer meat. We actually split the deer with a friend, but it has given us meat for over 3 months! We spent about $50 and got ground meat, sausage links, and shaved meat. We still have about 5 packages left so it has been well worth the money!

Friday morning workout: I started my morning with Tabata thrusters using an 8lb weight in each hand. I did 70 thrusters in the 8 rounds. Then I planked 3 times for a total of 4 minutes. When I felt bored, I did a few TIU tummy tucks.

I had a huge breakfast: leftover sweet potato, ground venison, 2 eggs, and steamed vegetables. I resisted the urge to put a ‘topping’ on it. I love sauces (ketchup, jalapeno jam, dressings, pesto, etc), but need to get away from making it a habit. I also had another glass of iced coffee. I promise it started as a normal serving of coffee, but once I added almond milk, creamer, and ice (which all melted) it filled the tumbler.

I was hungry for lunch: spinach with raisins, chicken, almonds, and tomatoes. And then I went for jelly beans. While sitting at my desk later, I realized I hadn’t even had 8 oz of water. I think that staying consistent with my healthy habits helps me to make healthy choices and avoid unhealthy choices. Consider that a mental note to self. I think living a healthy life is a journey with bumps in the road, wrong paths, and an opportunity to turn around (whether good or bad). I’m not sure that anyone is ever perfect, but as long as you keep reflecting on your habits and learning about yourself, you will make progress.

I had a pre-workout meal of an apple with almond butter and a Larabar. Class was great! We took some time and worked on Double Unders and I actually felt like I was seeing some progress. I did them with my eyes closed so I could listen to the rope hitting the ground and consistently was getting three in a row while keeping a steady rhythm. I’m feeling optimistic! We also took 10 minutes to get our 1RM on deadlifts. I worked my way up to what I knew I could get, 195#, and then really pushed to get a 215# lift. When I told my coach I thought that was all I had in me, she said “You need to fail on one, try a little more.” I thought about it and realized you never really know your max until you find something you can’t do. So I added on 10 more pounds for a total of 225#. It took a lot of focus, but I’m proud to say that I did it! I remember a WOD last fall when I couldn’t even budge 155# off the ground, and here I am doing 70 pounds more than that. It felt great!

The WOD was a chipper, a style I really like!


500m row – Cash In
50 OH Plate Lunges (25#)
40 Burpees
30 Toes to Bar
20 Plank Walks
10 Handstand Push Ups

I challenged myself to use a 45# plate for the lunges and was surprised at how much more I felt it in my legs. Surprisingly, my shoulders didn’t feel burnt! The burpees were find, unbroken, but I was a little slow on the toes to bar. I had to modify the HSPU’s by using 2 AbMats. I finished in 13:59. What an awesome class!

At home I made a quick smoothie (progenex, pineapple, spinach, water, almond milk) and then went to dance class. After class our box was having a celebration at a bar across the street to celebrate our 13th place finish in the Mid-Atlantic (215th overall) and qualifying for regionals. It was so much fun to see people outside of the box (aka. in real clothes with hair/makeup done) and have a chance to talk. I had two glasses of wine and then one of our female coaches (and top athletes) talked a bunch of girls into a tequila shot. WHOOOO! It was strong and made me a bit tipsy.

We had never eaten dinner so before we went home we stopped at a local pizza shop and I got an unpictured salad with grilled chicken and olive oil and red wine vinegar and then headed home for bed.

#Weekly14: 10.5025

#220beforeIDo: 78.7375