Rainbow Food

I started Thursday with another walk, 1.35 miles in 20 minutes and followed by a 2-minute plank hold. It was tough, but it got more boring than painful.

As I looked through my food for today, I hit every  color in the rainbow, except blue!  There are some blueberries in there, but obviously they show up as purple 🙂

Breakfast was an amazing Blueberry Protein Pancake topped with strawberries and Sunflower Butter. Our grocery store seems to always be out of Almond Butter so Sunflower Butter is the next best option. Every time I open a jar, I take the first bite and wrinkle my nose. It really tastes like sunflowers! However, a few bites in and I am loving it. I will warn you that if you get it, don’t expect it to taste like almond butter or peanut butter. I switched up my morning drink and went with the summer version of Meta-D … the Bombhsell Spell! It’s a little sweeter.

I’m still on the 5 Day Slim Down and I this morning I actually thought about how great I was feeling, which obviously makes it easier to continue. Since I didn’t really start until Tuesday, this is only going to be a 4-day-slim-down since I have a competitor workout Saturday morning and dinner plans Saturday night. With that being said, I switched up my morning drink to be 40 oz of iced Green Tea made from Lipton’s Superfruit flavor. I’m glad I’m learning to like tea products. They are a nice change from regular water without being too sweet or adding processed ingredients into your diet.

I cut up a grapefruit for a morning snack. I had never tried grapefruit before Tone It Up and when I first tried it, I couldn’t get past the sour taste.   I used to use a packet of Stevia to sweeten it up a bit, however, I skipped the Stevia today because of being on the Slim Down. The result?  I actually liked the grapefruit without it!  I really think it’s possible to change your taste buds and lose your sweet tooth if you want to.

I had leftovers for lunch: Cajun Shrimp Stir Fry over broccoli slaw. My afternoon drinks were a Mystic Mango Kombucha and a ‘Kiwi Krush’ smoothie from the Tone It Up Plan.  Note: The can of Kombucha says “do not shake” … I’d listen to them or else you’ll end up staining the carpet under your desk.  Just saying 😉  I was originally going to make today a run-day, but some plans changed so I decided to head to CrossFit. (P.S. I just realized I’ve been spelling it wrong for months. The official spelling includes a capital ‘C’ and a capital ‘F.’ Whooops!)   At our box, Thursday is used as a day to complete a Benchmark WOD (one of the ‘girls’) or complete a WOD from earlier in the week. I immediately knew I wanted to do Monday’s WOD. When I had read Monday it sounded fun, but I knew I needed the time off from CrossFit after the weekend competition so this was a great chance to complete it.


12 minute AMRAP:

7 burpees
15 AbMat sit-ups
7 toes-to-bar

We had a bunch of new guys at our gym who also decided to do Monday.  I don’t want to judge anyone, but it seems like they are used to the big gyms and seemed to scoff at the workout since it didn’t include any weights.  🙂  This rubbed me the wrong way and made me want to beat them even more.  And that’s exactly what I did.  I finished 7 rounds + 7 burpees + 10 sit-ups.  Since I had to clean up after them because they left ALL of their equipment out, I took note that no one had completed more than 5 rounds.  After the WOD we worked on strength work for the Strict Press.  My 1RM is 85lbs and I think if I improved that, it would help me with chest-to-bar and eventually a ‘pretty’ bar muscle-up.  A little pet peeve here … pick up after yourself no matter what gym you go to!  No one wants to put away your 135lbs 🙂

My fiance had dinner cooking on the grill when I got home.  I ate a handful of almonds/raisins (not on the 5DSD) while I was waiting.  I ate my beautiful kabob over a scrambled egg for some extra protein and a huge bowl of veggies!  I couldn’t resist eating the leftover pineapple straight from the can.

Just for fun, here is a picture from last weekend’s competition:


#Weekly14: 6.85

#220beforeIDo: 106.7225