Vacation Eats: Houston

My first day in Houston started with Open WOD 13.2. I wanted to get it over with so I could fully enjoy the weekend and I found a box that had an 8:15 class. I ate a pecan pie larabar and an apple. It was my first time trying that flavor and it was great!
I got to the box late and was a little nervous, but it was just me and one other woman so I got a personal warm-up and before I knew it, the clock was counting down. 13.2 was as many reps as possible: 5 shoulder to overhead (75lbs), 10 deadlifts, and 15 box jumps (or step ups) I think I kept a steady pace and did better with the s-2-o than I had anticipated. I was debating between box jumps and step-ups, but the box jumps felt ok and I kept a good pace so I stuck with them.  I did trip on the box twice which I’ve never done before. I also had about 3-4 no reps on deadlifts which is extremely frustrating. I was trying to keep pace and not let the bar bounce off the floor and only one side of the bar would hit the ground. That sucked.  I finished with 216 reps (7 rounds + 1 dl) and have no idea how that compares to average competitors like me.

We went to get breakfast at a great grocery store where I got a ‘Mass Builder’ smoothie with juices, banana, and protein.

I snacked on some trail mix mid morning. Lunch was a nice grilled salmon atop romaine with egg, bacon, tomatoes, and walnuts topped with creamy herb dressing. I had some more trail mix in the afternoon and an iced coffee after a nap. We ate dinner at the rodeo and I wanted classic Texas food so we got a giant turkey leg and a BBQ sandwich with fries. I ate a bunch of the turkey – so good! I also had a Coors Light which was fitting for the event, but didn’t taste great. We probably walked 15-20,000 steps which was great!

I went a little crazy on Saturday with my diet .. just a forewarning.  I figured I would try 13.2 once we got home on Sunday so I slept in and took the day off from a formal workout. We went to the market where I tried a green machine with whey protein. I was really hungry during the morning so I had a bar, an apple, and trail mix.  When we stopped for lunch we split a few appetizers and I ended up eating two meatballs, a few pieces of gnocchi with veggies, and some chips/salsa and a glass of wine.  Later we sat outside to listen to some live music where I had another glass of wine and a s’mores cookie.

Prior to dinner I had yet some more trailmix (foods that come in a bag are dangerous for me because there is no limit on how much I eat) and another glass of wine.  We went to a great restaurant, Tila’s, where I had a margarita on the rocks, chips/salsa, and the Pork Medallions with creamed spinach and  grilled veggies.  The meal was amazing!  We ended the  night with my first trip to Pinkberry where I got a small original and salted caramel with brownie bites.


Pros: I got to eat some local Texas foods – I got in a workout – We walked most places – I had a great time with our friends – I had some healthy meals with fruits/veggies mixed in

Cons: I didn’t do very well on the protein – I ate more processed foods than normal – I definitely indulged in some alcohol and sweets.  I wish I could have gotten in a second workout, but I’ll have to settle for the walking.